Special Programming

Whether you are honing specific skills, embracing creativity, or pursuing certification in lifeguarding, The Rookery's special programs are crafted to add depth and excitement to your aquatic journey. Immerse yourself in these unique opportunities and further enrich your connection with water at our exceptional Aquatic Center. Check out the programs below to find more details about specific programs we offer.

  1. Mermaids & Mermen Academy
  2. Red Cross Courses

Unleash your inner mermaid with our captivating mermaid classes, where participants can learn the art of graceful underwater movements and embrace the magical world of aquatic whimsy.

This is your chance to experience what it’s like to swim like a mermaid! We always put safety first, starting our mermaids/mermen-in-training with basic swimming skills before transitioning into the monofin. A trained instructor will teach safe fin use and proper breathing while swimming. This 45 minute swim session will incorporate movement skills, fitness, pool entries and exits, dolphin dives, spins, turns and of course mermaid/mermen games. There will be time during the class for self-exploration and games, including diving for treasures at the bottom of the deep end.


  • For ages 7 - 14
  • Blow bubbles out of nose
  • Float 30 seconds on back, 30 second on front (must take a breath while on front)
  • Kick with head out of water
  • Roll from front to back, roll from back to front
  • Swim 25 yards in any manner

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