Swim Level Information

Swim Lesson Levels*

*When in doubt, enroll in a lower level. Our instructor will review and assess swim level readiness at the first class.
Infant/Toddler 6mo - 24mo Preschool 3yr - 5yr Grade School 5yr - 12yr
LEVEL 0    
Water Exploration & Safety
LEVEL 1     
LEVEL 1.75  
Pre - Beginner
LEVEL .5    
Preschool + Parent
LEVEL 1.5      
LEVEL 2       
    LEVEL 2.5    
Advanced Beginner
    LEVEL 3      
    LEVEL 4      

Swim Lesson Levels 

  1. Infant/ Toddler (6mo - 3yr)
  2. Preschool (3yr - 5yr)
  3. Grade School (5yr - 12yr)

LEVEL 0 - Water Exploration & Safety 
The Introduction!
Ages 6mo-24mo

  • This class is an introduction to water safety and basic water skills for both parent and child. 
    • It is not a swim lesson and parents should adjust their expectations appropriately
  • The Water Exploration and Safety class is meant to allow the child to explore the water in a supervised and fun environment with the guidance of the instructor and parent.

LEVEL .5 - Preschool + Parent      
Getting Wet!
Ages 2-3

  • The objective of our Preschool + Parent swim class is to help students feel comfortable in the water while parent or caregiver is at their side. 
  • Students will learn elementary water skills that they can build on as they progress through the various swim levels. 
  • We introduce the WaterSmart Rules.