Trail Watch

The Lino Lakes Public Safety Department has a program to increase the visibility of law enforcement in our city parks and trails. The Park and Trail Patrol program is similar to Neighborhood Watch. It is designed to be a proactive approach and focus on crime prevention. The goal is to keep our many parks and trails safe and enjoyable for all.

The Lino Lakes Public Safety Department is looking for volunteers to help with this exciting program. Volunteers will simply be responsible for recording their observations while they are enjoying the trails and parks. Trail watch volunteers are asked not to intervene in possibly dangerous situations, only to report them.

Volunteers will work with the Lino Lakes police officers, Reserves, Explorers, Community Service Officers, and other Trail Watch members. Trail Watch members serve as "extra eyes and ears" on the trails and parks. A brief training session is required to become involved in the program.

If you are interested, complete and submit our Trail Watch Application (PDF) or contact us.