Smart Irrigation Controller Program

Fresh water is a finite resource. Fresh water used for irrigation picks up pollutants, such as fertilizer and pet waste, during its journey back to the groundwater supply. 

Locally, up to 60% of water usage for a typical home is used for outdoor irrigation during the growing season. Of that water use, roughly 50% is wasted on overwatering, evaporation, and non-target watering. Wasted fresh water could easily reach 150 gallons per house per day. One of the most effective and easy to implement solutions to improve our water conservation efforts in the City is to increase the efficiency of outdoor irrigation.

EPA-certified WaterSense smart irrigation controllers greatly reduce overwatering by tailoring irrigation system operation to local weather, plant type, soil type, slopes, and other factors. Smart Irrigation Controller Image

In an effort to enhance water conservation efforts in the City by helping residents conserve water (while saving money), the City of Lino Lakes will again be implementing the Smart Irrigation Controller Program in Spring of 2023. 

About the Program

What is being offered?

8-Zone Rachio 3 irrigation controllers are being offered to homeowners for a discounted price of $45.00 +tax

A limitied number of 16-zone Rachio 3 irrigation controllers will also be available for $50.00 +tax

Controllers will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Who is eligible to participate?

Any residence in Lino Lakes that is connected to municipal water and has an irrigation system with 16-zones or less is eligible to participate. Participation is limited to one per residence for the life of the program. Please see the guidelines and eligibility criteria on the application form to see if you qualify to participate.

Why was the Rachio controller selected?

The Rachio 3 controllers were selected based on Wi-fi compatibility, the quality of the customer help-line, ease of installation, and ease of operation. The Rachio is Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) WaterSense certified and utilizes Wi-Fi to make water decisions instead of secondary components like sensors.

How does the controller work?

The controller connects to your home’s Wi-Fi to rely on local weather station data and seasonal variation to decide how much water your grass needs. Check your Wi-Fi strength at your existing controller before purchasing. Controllers are operated with smart phones.

How to purchase a controller?

Complete an application form. Either mail the application to Lino Lakes City Hall, or deliver it to the Community Development window located at City Hall. Once received, City staff will process your application and provide a time to pick-up your controller. Payment is due at the time of controller pick-up.

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