The Rookery Story

The Rookery Logo_Emblem

Lino Lakes has one of the largest Great Blue Heron Rookeries in North America. A rookery is defined as a communal nesting place for a colony of gregarious birds, such as blue herons. The majestic birds are very different from other species - they are communal, support each other by coming together to share resources and defend their nesting area if needed. For the City of Lino Lakes, it was important to give the center a name and brand that is unique to Lino Lakes, as well as a name that will evoke a sense of community and belonging. The name “The Rookery” was chosen as it is exclusive to the Lino Lakes community.  

In the rookeries, the nesting is a safe and comfortable home for the Great Blue Heron. Similarly, The Rookery Activity Center will bring the Lino Lakes community together - promoting health and wellness, offering social events, athletics, and gathering space for a variety of events. 

Welcome to The Rookery Activity Center - Where wellness and community take flight.