Organics Recycling

Organics recycling is the collection of organic matter, such as food scraps and soiled paper, from households and businesses to be composted in a large-scale facility.

What Are My Composting Options?

In Lino Lakes, households have three options to reduce their carbon footprint, increase land quality, and recycle those organics!

CompostingBenefits of Composting

  • Lower carbon footprint by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from landfills; especially Methane.
  • Enrich soil, composted soil is particularly good at retaining moisture.
  • Reduction in the need for petrol-chemical fertilizers.

Up to 50% of household trash can be composted. By recycling organics, food waste is kept out of landfills and reduces the production of greenhouse gases and frees up valuable landfill space. Approximately one pound of organics disposed of in a landfill results in about 3.8 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions, that is equal to driving about 16 miles.