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Register Your Home or Business Security Camera

  1. Your Private Security Camera Could Be a Crime Fighting Tool

  2. How does it work?

    The Lino Lakes Public Safety Department (LLPSD) wants to partner with residents and business owners who have video surveillance on the exterior of their homes or business. You might have a multi-camera system or a simple doorbell camera at your front door. No matter your level of surveillance your participation in this program could help the LLPSD in the event of a crime occurring in your area.

  3. How do I participate?

    If you choose to participate, start by registering your camera system with the LLPSD. Participation is voluntary and you can end your participation at any time. Your information will be kept confidential, secure, and only accessible to police personnel. If a crime occurs in your area, officers or investigators may contact you to ask if you have footage of the incident. The LLPSD will not have a direct link or connection to any private alarm or camera system.

  4. Why should I participate?

    The primary goal is to include residents and businesses and give them an opportunity to assist the LLPSD in deterring crime, catching criminals and promoting public safety. By sharing camera footage with us, you may assist us in apprehending criminals.

  5. Lino Lakes, MN  55014

  6. If a crime occurs in your area and officers are investigating, may we contact you to ask for your permission to look at your video footage?
  7. Where are your cameras?
  8. How can the video be copied and/or shared?
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  10. I realize that the LLPSD will not be using my camera for active police surveillance and officers will not have direct access to my camera.  I realize if crimes occur near my address, I may be contacted by police to see if I voluntarily consent to providing my camera footage to assist in an investigation. I understand my name and address information will be maintained in a secure database as a part of the program, which is classified as non-public or confidential information.  I may ask to be removed from the Community Camera program at any time and have my information removed from the database.

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