What are Lino Lakes' hunting rules?

Hunting with or discharging any single projectile, including a rifle, shotgun with slug, muzzleloader, pellet gun, or BB gun is prohibited anywhere within the City of Lino Lakes. Only shotguns with birdshot and bow and arrow are allowed by city ordinance and then only in certain areas. There is no discharge of a firearm (with the exception of a bow and arrow) allowed anywhere west of Hodgson Road or Lake Drive, north from Ash Street (County Road J) to Lilac Street (just north of I35W). In all allowable hunting properties, the hunter must maintain a minimum distance of 750' from a building when using a shotgun with birdshot and 500' from a building when using a bow and arrow. At no time should any hunter be shooting across another's property or roadway. Safety is first in importance, both for the hunter and for the residents! Please respect the laws of the State of Minnesota and the city ordinances of Lino Lakes. We urge anyone witnessing unsafe or illegal behavior with a hunter or other person with a firearm to please call 911 immediately for assistance from the Lino Lakes Public Safety Department or the DNR. For more information on this ordinance, call 651-982-2300.

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