How do I report suspicious activities?

Sometimes citizens do not report suspicious activity to the police department because they think that the issue is not important enough to warrant a 911 call.  The time it takes to respond to a crime in progress is a determining factor in the apprehension of a criminal.  A delay in reporting a crime by even a couple of minutes greatly reduces law enforcement effectiveness.  Commit yourself to calling in all suspicious activity without delay.  By calling 911, you could be preventing a crime from happening in your neighborhood.

  • Call 911 to report suspicious activity (including peddlers without permits, strange vehicles or persons, etc.)
  • Be sure to remain calm, speak clearly, and explain in detail the reason for your call.
  • Stay on the phone and answer all of the questions that the operator asks you.
  • The operators are professionals and will guide you through the entire phone call with questions.
  • Give exact location where the assistance is required.

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