What is Notify Me?

The Notify Me® feature on the City’s website allows you the opportunity to receive updates and notices about various activities at The Rookery Activity Center. You can sign up and have notifications of these and other items by email, cell phone text message (SMS), or both.

Sign up here.

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1. What are the Rookery Activity Center membership rates and benefits?
2. Do I have to be a Lino Lakes resident to use the Rookery Activity Center or become a member?
3. What is the Premium Membership Add-on Package?
4. What are your hours of operation? Are you open on holidays?
5. What does Endurance Fitness have to do with the Rookery?
6. Do you offer swim lessons?
7. Do you offer towel service?
8. What programs do you offer at the Rookery Activity Center?
9. Is there child care available?
10. Can I host a birthday party at the Rookery Activity Center?
11. Are there rooms available to rent for other meetings and events?
12. Do you have any opportunities for employment?
13. What is Notify Me?
14. Does the Rookery Activity Center offer insurance reimbursement programs?
15. What’s the story behind the name, “The Rookery”?