Why are my compostable bags leaking?

There are several reasons your compostable bags may be leaking. Depending on what materials you’ve been collecting, something sharp (for example, pineapple rind or sharp bone) may have ripped a hole in your bag. It is also possible your bags have expired – be sure to look for an expiration date when purchasing compostable bags, and use them within one year of purchase.

Also, be aware that these types of bags have been intentionally designed to break down under industrial composting conditions, so heat and moisture will cause them to break down more quickly. While it may seem inconvenient, this means that the bag is doing its job. Try keeping your kitchen pail in a cool, dark area, such as under your sink or in your garage. Some residents even choose to keep a bag in the refrigerator or freezer for wet materials.  If the problem persists, double bag your material or try purchasing a different brand of compostable bags with the BPI Certification.

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