Swim Test Policy

At the Rookery the safety and well being of our members and guests is our top priority. This is why we have a swim test and wristband policy that addresses age and swimming ability to ensure all children are adequately supervised and accompanied while swimming.

Swimmers ages 11-14 are expected to receive their green wristband at front desk during check in.

Swimmers age 4-10 must remain in the Splash Pool with an Adult unless they have passed the green wristband swim test:

  1.  Jump into lap pool
  2.  Swim 25yds
  3.  Exit pool without steps/ladder
  4.  Jump in
  5.  Tread water for 60 seconds
  6.  Front float 10 seconds
  7.  Roll onto back, float independently 10 seconds

Please see full Swim Test Policy below.